Glyco Journals

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The official journal of the International Glycoconjugate Organisation is the Glycoconjugate Journal. It offers exhaustive coverage of the composition, structure and function of glycoconjugates and includes articles on the effects of toxicological agents on glycosylation, and the use of glycotherapeutics. The Glycoconjugate Journal supports publishing "open access" articles. 

Other journals that publish articles relevant to the field of glycobiology are available. One of the most prominent specialised journals in the field is the journal Glycobiology, the official journal of the Society for Glycobiology.

The journal Carbohydrate Research covers all aspects of carbohydrate chemistry and biochemistry. Articles published in the journal include sugars and their derivatives (also cyclitols, and model compounds for carbohydrate reactions), oligo- and polysaccharides, nucleosides, nucleotides, and glycoconjugates.

The journal Trends in Glycoscience and Glycotechnology is the journal of the non-profit organization "Forum: Carbohydrates Coming of Age".

High-quality articles are also published in the general biochemical journals. Among others, these include the "Glycobiology and extracellular matrices" section of the Journal of Biological Chemistry and the "Biomolecules" section of the Biochemical Journal.

Obviously, the articles of highest impact and broadest interest are often published in top biology/science journals like Cell, The EMBO Journal, Nature and Science.